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  • Acer Aspire 2930 akku lacks support

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The touchpad area beneath the keyboard  is oddly small, and Acer Aspire 2930 akku lacks support for the standard gestures we've come to expect, such as two-finger  scrolling. That's a little mind-boggling, as it's all just software and Acer could easily have  addressed those issues. Touch all five fingers to the lower screen, and you'll bring up a special hub that lets you draw  gestures, quickly select from several features, or launch one of Acer's touch-enabled applications. The  touch Web browser spans both screens, but won't make you switch from Chrome or Firefox. The  Acer Aspire 3100 akku SocialJogger app shows your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds; it works as advertised and feels like  a slightly laggy tablet application, but you really have no need to use it when you have a full Windows  laptop at your disposal. The same goes for the touch-based music and photo apps. Yes, they all work as  described, but they're just so...superfluous. Navigating these programs on a lower-deck touchscreen  doesn't save you significant time or effort. Most of them would work just as well on the wow power leveling upper  touchscreen, and none of them are huge timesavers compared with the plethora of standard keyboard-and- mouse software out there. If the Acer Iconia has one main problem, it's that the lower touchscreen comes with a whole lot of  baggage. It makes the system thick, for starters. At 1.4 inches thick, the Iconia isn't huge, but it is  considerably thicker than laptops with similar specs and no optical drive. It's pretty heavy at 6  pounds, too. I already mentioned the missing card reader and acer aspire one 532H akku Bluetooth. And driving two large LCDs puts  a strain on the battery, which lasted a paltry 2 hours, 11 minutes in our tests. All so that you can  have a mediocre soft keyboard and some touch apps that don't take up space on the upper screen? Acer would have been much better off equipping the Iconia with a standard physical keyboard and  replacing only the touchpad with a fairly high-resolution 4-inch touchscreen. It's good to see Acer  trying some aggressive designs, especially ones as aesthetically Acer aspire one akku pleasing as the Iconia's, but as a  practical matter it just doesn't make sense to replace the lower deck of a Windows laptop with a  touchscreen.Trotz einiger bewundernswerten Qualitäten, darunter große Akkulaufzeit, würde das Acer  TravelMate 3002WTCi nicht meine erste ultraportable Wahl sein. Es ist ein schickes aussehende kleine  keilförmige Gerät, das nur 3,2 kg und kostet nur $ 1199 (Stand: 2006.06.26) wiegt. Allerdings verdirbt  eine klobige externe optische Laufwerk und einem engen Tastaturlayout cheap mobile phones seinen Reiz. Mit seinem optischen Laufwerk und Netzteil wiegt die 3002WTCi eine nicht-sehr- ultraportable £ 5,3.  Nicht nur, dass externe Laufwerk etwas anderes, um zu verfolgen, aber es ist ein DVD-ROM/CD-RW  Laufwerk


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